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Show Stopping Performance. Life Changing Message.
Latest Review
Dan Thurmon was, by far, the highest rated aspect of our conference, based on attendee survey results. His presentation was inspirational, ...
16 Reviews · 11 Videos
Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Leadership Coach
Latest Review
Allyson is a life long learner and enjoys sharing her joy of education with others. She focuses on looking through a positive lens in order to ...
4 Reviews · 1 Video
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Business Expert & International Author of ten books including "No More Excuses"
Latest Review
As the area’s largest residential real estate company, we recently brought in Sam Silverstein–twice in a 12-month period—to address a large group ...
12 Reviews · 4 Videos
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A Strong, Humorous Message Packed With Useful Tools
Latest Review
The feedback on your session has been amazing, & the team absolutely loved the session. You did a great job of being relevant & helping us to ...
7 Reviews · 3 Videos
Dr. Humor!
Latest Review
". . .your keynote was the defining moment for the day . . ." ". . . you gave our staff permission to laugh and play in spite of the seriousness ...
7 Reviews · 1 Video
Developing Positive, Engaged People, Leaders and Teams
Latest Review
Jon Gordon won the hearts of our people! How? He is real, relational and relevant to the max!
24 Reviews · 4 Videos
Media Futurist, Author & Blogger, Keynote Speaker & Strategist
Latest Review
Gerd did a fantastic job at a recent global logistics conference, opening up the opportunities of the future, bringing in varied examples from a ...
9 Reviews · 8 Videos
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Expert speaker on Market Disruption, Entrepreneurship and the Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation
Tony Seba is a world-renowned author, thought leader, educator, speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book...
1 Video
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Asia's leading thinker and speaker on leadership, marketing, technology, an
Latest Review
You've been such a captivating speaker and my clients have given me nothing but praises about your presentation.
9 Reviews
Student Leadership Specialist - Youth Speaker
Latest Review
We really appreciate your presentation to the Hart District ROP students. I love how you challenge students to take charge of their lives. Very ...
7 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Speaker, Author, and Founder of Day One Leadership
Latest Review
He was just so REAL. He did not present like a lecturer with all the answers talking down to his audience. He was on everyone's level, speaking ...
7 Reviews · 6 Videos
Leadership and Performance Expert
Latest Review
Simply the best program we have ever heard--critical information that will make a difference.
6 Reviews · 2 Videos
Psychologist, Biographer, Historian and Coach
Latest Review
The Columbia County Historical Society Kinderhook, NY 12106 April 29, 2014 Premiere Speakers Bureau Franklin, Tennessee It is without any ...
5 Reviews
Globally Recognized Brand Marketing Expert, and former Executive Ritz-Carlton, Loews, and Marriott Hotels
Latest Review
Our group of sales professionals were wowed by Bruce's presentation. He was able to seamlessly connect the importance of creating a memorable ...
6 Reviews · 4 Videos
Olympic Coach, Former Pro BMXer, Person In Recovery
Latest Review
Tony spoke to students in a way that made a real connection. He spoke about marijuana as a gateway drug in a way that made sense and that ...
17 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Change Expert & Entrepreneur
Latest Review
Ariane was by far the best speaker of our lineup this year at INEX. She engaged the entire audience and managed to connect with each person on a ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
New York  
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Founder of The Grossman Wellness Center
Latest Review
This extremely well researched book provides a vision and road map for keeping both body and mind healthy so that we can take advantage of future ...
2 Reviews · 2 Videos
Elite athlete-performer-speaker-individual
Corporate business, community clubs/associations, young school aged adults and of course athletic bodies make up the width and breadth of public...
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Byrd Baggett & Mother Nature, the natural choice for personal and professional development.
Latest Review
If you need a speaker with heart, someone to personally connect with your audience, someone who brings a principle-based message for all ages, ...
8 Reviews · 1 Video
The Ultimate Impact Speaker
Latest Review
Your enthusiasm and passion for what you believe in was evident in your speech and delivered with a powerful punch! Not only did you captivate ...
13 Reviews · 1 Video