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Authority and Pioneer in the Science of Human Performance
Dr. Jack Groppel is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in the science of human performance, and an expert in fitness and...
1 Video
Transforming People and Cultures from the Inside-Out
Latest Review
Amanda what can I say . . . you were a smash hit!!! We did a review of the evaluation forms for the meeting and of course you received the ...
5 Reviews · 5 Videos
Comedienne & Motivational Speaker
Latest Review
Your antics were side-splitting hilarious yet just as importantly, your message was meaningful and insightful. You are one talented presenter.
3 Reviews
Asia's leading thinker and speaker on leadership, marketing, technology, an
Latest Review
You've been such a captivating speaker and my clients have given me nothing but praises about your presentation.
9 Reviews
Happiness Expert, Venture Capitalist, Successful Tech Entrepreneur
Latest Review
As the keynote speaker at our biggest event of the year, Nataly immediately captivated our audience of entrepreneurial young professionals. Her ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Stedman Graham: Bestselling Author, Educator and Entrepreneur
Latest Review
Your compelling and meaningful message fueled the entire audience. The audience was spellbound by your sincerity, wisdom and inspired by your ...
5 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Business Technology Futurist
Latest Review
I can always count on Jack to deliver a presentation that is inspiring, informative and relevant and he always seems to raise the bar with each ...
8 Reviews · 8 Videos
Change Expert & Entrepreneur
Latest Review
Ariane was by far the best speaker of our lineup this year at INEX. She engaged the entire audience and managed to connect with each person on a ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
New York  
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Best-Selling Author, Co-Founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports, Editor at Large for Ballotpedia
Latest Review
Scott's presentation was great. He worked with one of our staff members ahead of time to learn about our group, and everyone was very pleased. ...
7 Reviews · 2 Videos · 1 Book
$12,500 - $15,000
Psychologist, Biographer, Historian and Coach
Latest Review
The Columbia County Historical Society Kinderhook, NY 12106 April 29, 2014 Premiere Speakers Bureau Franklin, Tennessee It is without any ...
5 Reviews
The new generation of Breast Cancer Prevention.
Caitlin and Eden both tested positive for the a gene mutation called BRCA 1, raising their breast cancer risk to 87% and have both decided to...
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Futurist, best-selling author, psychologist, gerontologist, entrepreneur and public speaker
Latest Review
Congratulations! Your presentation at our annual convention generated the highest speaker rating in the 24-year history of this event.
8 Reviews · 5 Videos
Cancer Survivor, Corporate Comedian & Laughter Therapist
Latest Review
Diana, On behalf of the Tri-Cities Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, thank you for coming to the Tri-Cities and providing an afternoon of laughter and ...
23 Reviews · 7 Videos
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Five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, NY Times bestselling author and venture capitalist.
Latest Review
Your presentation was fantastic and really delivered on our theme. We've heard nothing but great feedback about the information you shared and ...
42 Reviews · 4 Videos
The Employee Motivation Expert, Author of The Simple Truths of Service—Inspired by Johnny the Bagger
Latest Review
Thank you for agreeing to offer your presentation at all hours of the day or night to accommodate our organization's 24/7 operation. This was not ...
10 Reviews · 3 Videos
The Safety Doctor AND Leadership Speaker
Dr. Isabel Perry is a highly motivated professional with a unique combination of experiences as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, author and...
11 Videos
Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
Latest Review
As Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow discussed key issues of the First Amendment, his multiple arguments in ...
2 Reviews · 2 Videos · 1 Book
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Executive Director of The George W. Bush Institute and Expert on Issues Involving Economics, Technology and Financial Markets
Ambassador Glassman's career spans politics, technology, media, economics, diplomacy, business, and academia. Drawing on his knowledge of all these...
2 Videos
District of Columbia  
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Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist, The Washington Post
Latest Review
The speech/presentation was filled with information that the students, faculty, staff, and administrators were able to apply to their own ...
7 Reviews · 2 Videos · 2 Books
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Founder and CEO of charity: water
Latest Review
Scott was a phenomenal speaker for our group. He connected with the audience in a way that felt valuable and compelling to them which can ...
7 Reviews · 1 Video
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