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Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner, Endurance, Motivational, Inspirational, Physical Fitness cancer, everest, NSB Sean Swarner, Endurance, Motivational, Inspirational, Physical Fitness cancer, everest, NSB
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Sean Swarner

First Cancer Survivor to Summit Everest

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Boulder, Colorado, United States
About Sean Swarner

With only one functioning lung, a prognosis of fourteen days to live, and being in a medically-induced coma for a year, Sean Swarner is the first cancer survivor to stand on top of the world Mt. Everest. Sean has broken through defined human limitation in order to redefine the way the world views success. Sean was diagnosed with two deadly, different, and unrelated forms of cancer, once at the age of thirteen and again at the age of sixteen. After an incredibly poor prognosis, and being read his ...

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Team Building: How To Climb Everest With One Lung

Getting to the top of any mountain cannot be done alone, and always starts with a strong team. Sean didn’t climb to the highest point on every continent by himself. Getting a personal account of his ...

Motivation/Inspiration: 1 Out Of Over 7,000,000,000

Being in a medically-induced coma for nearly a year, and accomplishing what no other person on earth has, takes immeasurable motivation and inspiration. Sean has inspired clients from the NY Giants to IBM ...

Goal Setting: Hospital Bed To The Hawaii Ironman World Championship

Going from a hospital bed to the summit of Mt. Everest is nearly impossible, but Sean has figured out what it takes to reach the top of the world. Sean’s unique and personal storytelling style navigates you ...

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Keep Climbing by Sean Swarner
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In the past we have had visitors ranging from Olympic Gold Medalists to NFL players. After the week was over, it was unanimously decided that Sean was the most compelling, motivating and inspirational speaker that our staff and our campers had ever seen.

First Descents Kayak Camp (Summer camp for those battling cancer)

Over the past several years, we have heard from many well known speakers, but this year was different. We heard from Sean. Not only was his cancer surviving story compelling and awe-inspiring, it was one of the best presentations I have ever heard.

The American Cancer Society

His story of amazing personal triumph . . . evokes awe in everyone who meets him. It is impossible to believe that he has accomplished so much yet remains so grounded, humble and moved by those around him.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
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