Scott Rasmussen
Scott Rasmussen
  • Founder & President of Stryk
  • NYT Bestselling Author, Syndicated radio host
  • Co-founder of ESPN

Client Reviews

Scott Rasmussen is a veritable treasure trove of insight and important information about America's desires, concerns and habits. It is a rare occurrence in these days of specialized information to find a person who so effectively and seamlessly weaves together the often complex psyche of our country is such a simple way that one walks away saying, 'that explains it.' And it does!

Tom Kowaleski, Vice President Corporate Communications, BMW North America LLC

We are fortunate to have had Scott speak at three of our events, one in 2005 for our clients and past clients- our Founders Circle-, one for a group of professionals from across the US that included attorneys, accountants, bankers & consultants- our Advisors Circle- and most recently at our Firm's 20th anniversary celebration in Newport RI. His detailed knowledge of the complex political landscape and polling, combined with his witty, engaging and unbiased style made each and every event special. Scott is well respected in his industry and offers an insiders view on what is a very relevant and timely subject today. Our participants thoroughly enjoyed him!

Jeffrey G. Moore, Matrix Private Equities, Inc., Member NASD, SIPC

Mr. Rasmussen was exceptional! A very personable, unassuming guy - but very smart and very aware of his position as a national pollster and maintains a keen sense of objectivity. He gave a great talk - provided a lot of historical context around todays political debates and heard nothing but excellent feedback from our audience.

JJ Buquet, Houma Chamber of Commerce

Scott's keynote speech at RightOnline had our social media attendees listening with rapt attention. His ability to share a wealth of knowledge and facts in simple terms is a rare and appreciated skill. Thank you!

Jillian Weleski, RightOnline

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