Scott Rasmussen

Turn Ferguson Tragedy Into Change

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted December 8th, 2014

"Creativity, Inc.," a book by Pixar and Disney Animation President Ed Catmull, is aimed at teaching leaders how to foster collective creativity. Perhaps more precisely, it's about how to remove the structural blockages preventing creativity from expressing itself.

Reading that book amidst news from Ferguson,... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted October 14th, 2014

In 1913, an entrepreneur “said in many newspapers and over his signature that it would be possible to transmit the human voice across the Atlantic before many years.” For that accurate assessment of reality, he was prosecuted for stock fraud. A U.S. District Attorney claimed that, “based... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

The Ability to Walk Away is Key to Empowerment

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted September 30th, 2014

Politicians like to talk about empowering the middle class or other segments of the voting population, but they're typically a little fuzzy on what empowerment really means. That makes sense when you consider that elections are essentially about politicians asking to get power? rather than share... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Tech Entrepreneurs Have Greater Impact on Nation Than Presidents

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted August 12th, 2014

The tech industry will have a more lasting impact on America's future than Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama combined.

That's not the sense you get from reading the news these days, but journalists and historians always overstate the impact of politicians while underestimating... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Tech Industry Looks Forward, Politicians Look Back

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted June 13th, 2014

Silicon Valley and the tech industry exude so much optimism it's contagious. There is a desire to solve the planet's most difficult problems and a belief they can do it.

On the other coast, official Washington and the political industry are mired in pessimism. Rather than a sense that problems... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

College Education for Everyone is Not The Answer

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted June 9th, 2014

A recent study estimated that getting a college degree is worth about a half-million dollars over the course of a graduate's lifetime. On the surface, that presents an open-and-shut case that college is worth the time and money involved. That's the conclusion reached in a New York Times column... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Let the Market Drive Progress: A Case for Uber Taxi Service

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted June 3rd, 2014

For people who’ve ever struggled to find a taxi, Uber is great news. If you’re in a decent-sized city, download its app, register, and you’ll never wait for a taxi again.

When you need a ride, all you have to do is pull out your phone, enter your request, and a car... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Doctors Must Serve Patients, Not Society

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted May 20th, 2014

When we go to the doctor, most of us expect to receive the best possible advice on whatever ails us.

Unfortunately, some medical groups see that as a quaintly archaic notion. Associations are recommending that the doctors should consider more than the patient they are treating. According to The New... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Pop Culture Sheds Different View on Income Inequality Debate

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted May 9th, 2014

Pop culture is a better indicator of the public mood than political talking points, so it's interesting to see how two top-rated and long-running CBS television dramas have recently dealt with the issue of inequality. They suggest it's a real issue, but not in the way politicians... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

Political Analyst Tells Crowd to Look to Each Other, not Washington

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted April 15th, 2014

Written by: Kevin Hardy

If we want to solve our country's problems, we should look to each other, not to the nation's capital.

That was the message that Scott Rasmussen, one of the country's most astute students of politics, delivered here this week.

Rasmussen said it's the... READ MORE