Scott Rasmussen

  • Founder & President of Styrk
  • Best-selling Author and Syndicated Radio Host
  • Co-founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports

Scott W. Rasmussen is the founder of Styrk, a firm committed to refining, enlarging, and empowering the voice of everyday Americans. He is regularly seen on Fox News and other outlets as one of America’s leading political analysts.

A digital media entrepreneur, Scott is also the founder and former president of Rasmussen Reports, co-founder of ESPN, and a New York Times bestselling author.

Scott has been in and around the media his entire life. He recorded his first radio commercial at the age of 7 and enjoyed his first national television appearance came at the age of 20 on PBS. Just a couple of years later, he served as emcee for hockey legend Gordie Howe’s on-ice 50th birthday celebration. That was a personal career highlight since Howe had been Scott’s childhood idol.

Scott became a New York Times bestselling author with The People’s Money and currently writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column for Additionally, he is a sought-after public speaker represented by Premiere Speakers in Nashville.

Styrk, Rasmussen Reports, and ESPN all involved delivering sought after content through new distribution technologies. Scott’s writing and analysis is informed own experiences as a participant in the technology revolutions of the cable and internet eras.

Scott graduated from DePauw University and earned his MBA at Wake Forest University.

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