Scott Rasmussen
Scott Rasmussen
  • Founder & President of Rasmussen Media Group
  • NYT Bestselling Author, Syndicated radio host
  • Co-founder of ESPN


Scott Rasmussen is founder and president of the Rasmussen Media Group. He is a political analyst, author, public speaker and columnist for Creators Syndicate. His firm’s mission, based upon deep respect for the common sense wisdom of the American people, is to refine, enlarge, and empower the voice of mainstream America. The Wall Street Journal calls Scott “a key player in the contact sport of politics.” The Washington Post adds that he is a “driving force in American politics.”

Scott became a New York Times bestselling author with The People’s Money. The book demonstrated how the American people are the solution to budget issues, rather than the problem. It showed specific proposals supported by a majority of voters that would balance the budget, completely eliminate the federal debt and prepare the nation for the 21st century.

He is an especially harsh critic of crony capitalism and the unholy alliance between big government and big business . He also believes that the gap between the American people and their political leaders is bigger today than at any time...


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Scott Rasmussen
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Scott Rasmussen
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Scott Rasmussen
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Scott Rasmussen is a veritable treasure trove of insight and important information about America's desires, concerns and habits. It is a rare occurrence in these days of specialized information to find a person who so effectively and seamlessly weaves together the often complex psyche of our country is such a simple way that one walks away saying, 'that explains it.' And it does!

Tom Kowaleski, Vice President Corporate Communications, BMW North America LLC

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