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Scott Rasmussen

  • Co-founder of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports
  • Founder & President of Rasmussen Media Group
  • Best-selling Author

Scott Rasmussen is president of the Rasmussen Media Group and a Senior Fellow for the Study of Self-Governance at The King’s College in New York City. He is currently guiding development of an Institute for Community Driven Solutions, housed at King’s.

Rasmussen, a familiar face on television news programs, spent two decades as one of the world’s leading public opinion pollsters. ... VIEW MORE

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Discussing Brexit on O’Reilly Factor
Will Trump see a post-RNC bounce in the polls?
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Skype Interview with Scott Rasmussen
Skype Interview with Scott Rasmussen - ESPN Story
2014 Elections and America's Future
Speech Topics
  • How Political and Cultural Trends Will Impact Your Business and Public Policy

    Scott has spent a lifetime crunching the numbers and analyzing the trends that affect our world. He has the unique ... View More

  • America’s Great Turnaround

    In the ‘70s, without knowing it, we were experiencing the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the ... View More

  • Why I’m Optimistic About America’s Future (Despite the Failure of Our Political System)

    Like most Americans, Scott believes our nation’s political system is badly broken. Unlike most Americans, however, ... View More

  • It Can’t Be Done: Stories from the founding of ESPN & Rasmussen Reports

    The idea for ESPN was conceived in a traffic jam on a way to a birthday party. It was launched with $9,000 in ... View More

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  • Scott is a treasure trove of insight and important information about America's desires, concerns and habits. Scott effectively weaves together the complex psyche of our country in a way that one walks away saying, that explains it. And it does!
  • Tom Kowaleski, Vice President Corporate Communications - BMW North America LLC
  • We are fortunate to have had Scott speak at three of our events. His detailed knowledge of the complex political landscape and polling, combined with his witty, engaging and unbiased style made each and every event special!
  • Jeffrey G. Moore - Matrix Private Equities, Inc., Member NASD, SIPC

Scott's Blog

In Depressing Campaign Season,...
Posted April 13th 2016
As I've watched the 2016 campaign unfold, I've come to realize that the Millennial Generation has a better grasp on reality tha...

Will Trump and Cruz Ever Work...
Posted April 8th 2016
Despite the fact that they are currently bitter opponents, there are a lot of reasons to believe Donald Trump and Ted Cruz ...

Turn Ferguson Tragedy Into Change
Posted December 8th 2014
"Creativity, Inc.," a book by Pixar and Disney Animation President Ed Catmull, is aimed at teaching leaders how to foster colle...

Things Will Get Worse Before They Get...
Posted October 14th 2014
In 1913, an entrepreneur "said in many newspapers and over his signature that it would be possible to transmit the human voice ...

The Ability to Walk Away is Key to...
Posted September 30th 2014
Politicians like to talk about empowering the middle class or other segments of the voting population, but they're typically a ...

Tech Entrepreneurs Have Greater...
Posted August 12th 2014
The tech industry will have a more lasting impact on America's future than Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama combined....

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