Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows


Scott Burrows’unforgettable story of turning a paralyzing setback into a powerful comeback through a clearVision, a determined Mindsetand unstoppableGritinspires. As a Keynote Motivational Speaker on change and overcoming adversity, and Bestselling Author, you will find that his captivating message is one of hope, courage and perseverance. Scott’s real-life experiences and eloquent ... VIEW MORE

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  • Vision-Mindset-Grit: Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge

    Our world continues to change at the fastest rate in human history. With the expanding capabilities of technology ... View More

  • Think Outside the Moment

    Feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed are inevitable—and inescapable—traits of the human condition, whether at ... View More

  • Keynote: Stand Up to Your Challenges!

    Scott Burrows' presentation is a powerful message that will inspire new thinking, challenge old thought processes, ... View More

  • Vision (Breakout)

    Without an unwavering focus on Vision, it’s much too easy to get mired in day-to-day routines rather than looking ... View More

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  • Each year our Global Sales Conference is literally our "Super Bowl" for the Celebrity sales team, it's the one time we're all together and our big shot at setting the tone for the upcoming year with a high energy and motivational message. Thanks to Scott Burrows, 2016 will be our best year ever! Scott's message of Vision-Mindset-Grit has literally transformed the way our team looks at challenges, sales goals and life. As a result of Scott's life changing message our team will never feel sorry for themselves and most importantly, NEVER STOP BELIEVING that ANYTHING is possible. If you want to truly inspire and motivate your sales team or team, Scott Burrows will over deliver at every level!
  • Keith Lane, Vice President of Sales: North America - Celebrity Cruises
  • The feedback on your presentation was EXCEPTIONAL! I/we could not have asked for anything better than what you delivered. Thematically, I could not have imagined a better presentation and how it tied into the journey that CONMED and its employees must undertake to regain our vitality in the markets we serve. As you know from our conversation 2014 was a tough year for the Company but really the battle had begun years earlier. To hear your story around vision, mindset and grit really put our challenges into perspective. I am very fortunate to have run into you in the airport and I thank you for taking the time to talk with me and then engage in this presentation. I have ha many years of special guest speakers.....your story was motivating, uplifting and engaging for the entire audience.
  • Curt R. Hartman, President and CEO - ConMed

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U.S. Canada, Caribbean & Mexico $10,000.00
Alaska & Hawaii $11,500.00
International $15,000.00
Scott Burrows travels from Tampa, FL and requires 1-2 night hotel. Fee includes travel buyout: Airfare & meals. International - plus business class airfare, ground, 3 night hotel & meals.

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