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New Book - THE BUSINESS ETIQUETTE BIBLE -Delivers New Rules for Communicating, Marketing, andWorking in the Connected and Online Age Bestselling Author Reinvents Workplace with Definitive Guide to Professional Communications, Public Relations, Leadership, Marketing, Branding, and Online Reputation Management March 6, 2018 - New York, NY - ...
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Social Media Training for Kids: A 60-Minute Class Workshop [Video]
Article; Worried about kids and social networks? While services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are among the most public of online spaces, it may help to recall that a little education can go a long way towards teaching children how to behave and act more appropriately on these sites. Granted,thanks to C...
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Forget Passion: Here Are 5 Ways to Really Succeed in 2013
Article from; While fiscal cliff fears are declining and job growth continues to stabilize in 2013, with unemployment still hovering near 8 percent and half or more of recent college graduates out of work, modern professionals and job seekers should be equally aware: it's still a brutal environment out there. Worse, nine pe...
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How Technology is Reshaping the Way We Approach Education [VIDEO]
In a Skype Interview with Ryan Giffen, Scott Steinberg discusses the importance of embracing technology in the classroom. Scott has a free book series called "The Modern Parent's Guide" that is now available for download. Scott's Biography: One of today's best-known strategic consultants, keynote speakers and expert witnesses,...
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