Scott Rigsby

Scott Rigsby

Worlds First Double Amputee To Finish the Hawaiian Ironman on Prosthetics

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Atlanta, GA, United States
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Scott Rigsby was 18 when he was injured in a catastrophic truck accident. This tragic event caused a traumatic brain injury, the immediate loss of his right leg below the knee, and forced him to endure 12 years of limb salvage, and ultimately, the removal of his left leg. After years of struggling, Scott turned his life around reaching unprecedented heights as a world-class athlete, author, motivational speaker, and founder of a local nonprofit, the Scott Rigsby Foundation that enables wounded, ...

Scott was a pleasure to work with. He was professional & accommodating. I think the reception to Scott's message was one of excitement & the crowd was moved. In fact, two or three folks wanted to know how to book Scott for their event--always a good sign.

Tim Nelson - Midlands Technical College
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