Sara Ross

Sara Ross NSB, confidence, emotional intelligence Sara Ross NSB, confidence, emotional intelligence

Sara Ross Speech Topics

Igniting the Leadership Vitality Factor: Next-Level Leadership for an On-Demand World

Organizations know that to be successful and innovative in a service and knowledge driven economy requires a workforce with expertise, intellectual curiosity and the ability to use emotional intelligence to collaborate and execute through people. And yet, with all the acknowledgement and...
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The Future of Leadership: How Workplaces Use EQ to Thrive in a Pressure Economy
In a world defined by unrelenting pressure, it’s not surprising that a 2018 StressPulse survey found almost 60% of people reported being “highly stressed.” In response to the increasing intensity, the World Economic Forum ranked emotional intelligence as one of the top five business priorities...
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Virtual Presentation
Sara Ross can transition her topics into a virtual event that is perfect for any size organization.
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Breakout Sessions / Workshops
Building Your “Bounce”: Using Resilience to Thrive through ChangeSlowing down the pace or rate of change isn’t an option. Therefore, skilling your people to more readily adapt to change as well as bounce back more quickly from challenging setbacks is your organizations competitive advantage. The...
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