Sally Hogshead

Sally Hogshead

  • Author of "Fascinate"
  • Branding and Marketing Expert
  • Author of "How The World Sees You"

Sally Hogshead is a Hall of Fame speaker, international author, and the world’s leading expert on fascination. Over the past decade, Sally’s research has uncovered surprising trends. In today’s distracted world, people have a 9-second attention span. With only 9 seconds to communicate value, we must use our advantages to immediately break through. Sally teaches how to break through ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Keynote: Innovation
Sally Hogshead: IBM Smarter Global Business Summit
Speech Topics
  • HOW TO FASCINATE: Harness Attention in 9 Seconds

    We live in a distracted world. The average attention span is just 9 seconds. Yet if we only have 9 seconds to ... View More

  • CAPTIVATE YOUR CUSTOMER: How Fascinating Companies Win the Moment

    When you fascinate your customers, they’re more likely to remember you, buy from you, and rave about you. Yet in ... View More

  • THE 9-SECOND FASCINATION STATEMENT: How to Introduce Yourself with Value

    (Interactive Exercise) Sally Hogshead estimates that roughly 90% of introductions fail to engage a conversation, let ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Outstanding . . . Sally's insights into how to be fascinating and represent a fascinating product will pay dividends for many months and years to come. Our sales force walked out excited and with new ideas on how to do their jobs better.
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Not only does Sally's work provide us with new insights and creativity in developing our brand to the next level, it is also refreshing and fascinating to work with her.
  • Sally kept my audience fascinated from her first word to the end of her standing ovation. She delivers usable 'street level' value for business owners who want to attract, captivate and motivate their customers.
  • Quantum Club

Sally's Blog

How The World Sees You Debuts #2 on...
If you haven't purchased your copy of How The World Sees You - by Sally Hogshead yet, here's why you need to: You already have...

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