Ruby Payne PhD
Ruby Payne PhD
  • President of aha! Process, Inc.
  • Expert on Educating Students in Poverty
  • "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"

Speech Topics

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

This is the workshop with which Ruby Payne started aha! Process... A Framework for Understanding Poverty—Our foundational workshop provides an understanding of the mindsets of different economic classes and a multitude of strategies for working with children from poverty, middle class, and wealth.

Research-Based Strategies—This workshop builds on the shared understanding and relationships of mutual respect learned in A Framework for Understanding Poverty and teaches the learning strategies that enable students to learn vital content while building their cognitive abilities.

Under-Resourced Learners: 8 Strategies to Boost Student Achievement— By identifying the emotional, mental, physical, language, and other resources your students have and need, this workshop helps you design specific interventions, best practices, and methods to help embed success strategies into curricula and into the minds and lives of your students.

Identifying and Serving Gifted Students from Poverty

Our process, with ready-to-use instruments and procedures, helps you identify gifted students from poverty. You’ll also learn how to keep these students in the program and help them to be successful.

Building Strong Communities

Bridges Out of Poverty—This workshop is a powerful tool for change if your school works with families from poverty. Our Bridges offerings give you a way to work with all the stakeholders involved to make a stronger school and community and create opportunities for success.

Collaboration for Kids: Early Intervention Tools for Schools and Communities
This workshop and book describe a simple, straightforward, interactive process for addressing, early in a child’s life, problems that negatively impact education— a process that utilizes the inner strengths of the child and family members.

Meeting AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) with 5 Simple Processes

Learn systemic processes to identify which students need to improve and in what areas, align instruction with standards, and assign time to meet them. Also develop assessments to monitor student growth and identify interventions for students needing additional assistance.

Engage and Graduate Your Secondary Students: Preventing Dropouts

Raise your graduation rate! Begin with assessing the costs of dropping out, then review the underlying causes and characteristics affecting decreased student achievement and retention. Learn strategies to engage students and graduate them.

RtI: Response to Intervention

This session will cover student intervention teams, the rationale behind the RtI mandate, and the intervention process for student achievement.

The R Rules: A Guide for Teens to Identify and Build Resources

The R Rules is a goal-setting curriculum that high school students use to identify individual interests and then move through career exploration and life skill building.

Math or Algebra Strategies

Learn to employ an array of math or algebra mental models to help students grasp abstract concepts quickly and retain more information longer.

Behavior and Classroom Management

Focusing on the under-resourced learner, this session will provide practical strategies for successful classroom management. Option: Use our interactive simulation software.

Parents Workshops

Working with Parents:
Participants will leave this session with dozens of easy-to-implement tips and resources that will build stronger relationships between the school and its families. Also available using our interactive simulation software.

Creating Well-Adjusted Boys at Home and at School:
Based on his book Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis, Dr. Paul D. Slocumb assists parents who want to raise boys to become healthy, well-adjusted men who are successful at school, at home, and in personal relationships.

Getting Ahead In a Just-Gettin’-By World for Parents:
This workshop provides a 20-session curriculum that can be used to assist parents in building resources and creating their own plans for stabilizing their lives— all of which can positively impact the lives of their children. This workshop is also available in Spanish.

Understanding Students of Hispanic/Latino Descent and their Parents:
Learn strategies that enable students and parents to foster improved academics and socialization.

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