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Ruben Gonzalez

  • Incredible Olympic Story
  • Award Winning Speaker
  • Best-selling Business Author

- New York Life

- Bacardi

- Microsoft

- ConocoPhillips

- Xerox

- Coca Cola

"A Home Run."
- Kaiser Permanente

People walk out of Ruben's presentations thinking, "If THAT guy could make it to four Olympics, then we can do ANYTHING!" (Watch Ruben's video and see for yourself.)

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Philosophy of success
Becoming Unstoppable
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  • Programs include:

  • Becoming Unstoppable - Success Secrets from a Four-Time Olympian

    A powerful keynote guaranteed to motivate your sales people to sell more. In this funny, motivational, high energy ... View More

  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary

    Ruben is proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they follow a few simple steps. Ruben is ... View More

  • How to be an Olympian in Business and in Life

    Using concepts from his best-selling books, “The Courage to Succeed” and “Becoming Unstoppable,” Ruben shares the ... View More

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Limehouse and associates
ProBrilliance Leadership Institute
JMI, Inc.
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  • Ruben WOWED our audience at a Million Dollar Round Table event. Ruben has one of the most compelling messages I’ve ever heard presented to the Financial Services industry.
  • Guy Baker - 37 year member of the Million Dollar Round Table
  • Ruben's incredible story inspires people to be their best. Bring Ruben to speak for your organization and he will give your team a powerful takeoff.
  • Howard Putnam - Former CEO - Southwest Airlines

Ruben's Blog

Staying Positive by Focusing on the...
Posted May 23rd 2016
Whether I'm speaking for 25 people in a boardroom or 10,000 people in an arena, I finish my speeches by saying, "What are the c...

What's Holding You Back?
Posted December 15th 2015
Whether your dream is to lose weight, or to buy your dream home, or to double your income, or to learn the ins and outs of socc...

Feedback, The Breakfast of Champions...
Posted July 28th 2015
Here is a simple thing you can start doing right now to help you improve your relationships, your results at work, the qualit...

The Power of Being Flexible
Posted May 12th 2015
We live in times of constant and rapid change. Because of this, one of the most important qualities you can develop to succeed ...

Developing Your Vision to Succeed
Posted February 26th 2015
All great leaders have two main qualities: gutsand vision. Today we'll focus on vision. You become what you think about all th...

It takes a special person to be a...
Posted February 12th 2015
Leadership, whether in a family, in a little league team, or in an organization, requires the same factors. First of all, yo...

Keynote $15,000.00
Ruben Gonzalez travels from Colorado Springs, CO and requires $1000 flat travel fee, plus Hotel and meals on client master bill.

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