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Rowan Gibson

  • World leader in business innovation
  • Author and communicator of innovative thought
  • Award-winning thought leader

Rowan Gibson is "one of the most recognized thought leaders in business innovation" (Forbes). The media have labeled him "Mr. Innovation", "the Innovation Grandmaster", "the W. Edwards Deming of innovation" and "a guru among the gurus". In February 2015, he was awarded "Global Leader of Innovation" for his significant contribution to the field of innovation and strategy.

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Rowan Gibson: The Four Lenses
Rowan Gibson: Systemic Innovation
Learning From TQM
Enterprise Capability
Speech Topics
  • Winning in the Innovation Economy

    Your audience will learn: - how to understand innovation at the level of the entire business system - how to create an ... View More

  • Innovation to the Core

    A blueprint for transforming the way your company innovates.

  • Making Innovation Happen!

    Innovation is now recognized globally as the core driver of growth, strategic renewal, and long-term competitiveness. ... View More

  • The Four Lenses of Innovation

    This is where the innovation rhetoric becomes reality. In his breakout sessions with The Four Lenses of Innovation, ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Thanks, Rowan. You gave us a wonderfully dynamic start to the Senior Executive Summit, which set us up perfectly for the discussions that followed. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed having you participate, and you got the top score in our evaluations!
  • Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan - The Concours Group
  • Rowan Gibson's views on technology and change are thoughtful, intriguing and global. He has a great perspective on what's coming next.
  • Kevin Maney - USAToday
  • Rowan was fantastic. He pitched the presentation at exactly the right level for the audience. He had also done his homework and made the content very relevant to our industry. The feedback we received was excellent.
  • Tanya Reid - Investec

Rowan's Blog

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Rowan Gibsonhas been named "one of the most recognized thought leaders in business innovation"; (Forbes), "Mr. Innovation";, "t...

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