Ron Jenson Bio

Dr. RON JENSON is known throughout the United States and much of the world as America's Life Coach, reflecting his expertise in the area of personal coaching and leadership development. Ron's doctoral work included intensive research on the major written works in the field as well as personal interviews with over 300 of the top leaders in the United States and internationally.

Ron also served as President of an international graduate school, building campuses in North America, Africa and Asia. He is the Co-Founder of Future Achievement International and is also President of Life Coach Foundation, an international educational non-profit aimed at life coaching and leadership development.

Dr. Ron Jenson has authored several books, including the best seller, Achieving Authentic Success . This book has been translated into several languages and is the foundation of a principle-centered leadership development system now being distributed in more than 50 countries.

Ron is a popular speaker and consultant across a wide variety of venues, both nationally and internationally. Concerned with leadership failings in American and world cultures, Ron Jenson has turned his attention to the development of programs aimed at rebuilding the mental infrastructure of individuals, families, institutions and communities. These programs focus on character and practical life skills development and aim at building the tools needed for self-government, the key to good family, business and community citizens.

Dr. Jenson's client relationships include many influential people in both U.S. and international settings. He has consulted with Presidents of countries on matters of building effective free market economies based on principle-based leadership frameworks.

Future Achievement is a global provider of personal leadership coaching solutions that help companies and institutions of all types build a sustainable culture of principle-centered leaders. Ron Jenson has consulted at the highest levels of business, government and non-profits and has developed professional partnerships throughout the world to adapt these resources to many cultural contexts. As a result, his principle-centered leadership programs have impacted leaders on every continent and Ron is frequently asked to provide personal coaching to highly influential people.