Adventures of a Kid Magician

By Justin Flom, Posted February 11th 2016

Since world-class magician and author Justin Flom sky-rocketed into the public eye, over 100 million people have experienced his astonishing talents. Justin has made appearances on Ellen, the SyFy channel’s ‘Wizard Wars,’ the Late Late Show, The Today Show and on...


As we start off this exciting new year, we can’t help but reflect over what a huge year 2015 was for the meeting and events industry. On a more personal level, 2015 was one of our biggest years and this next year looks even brighter. We kicked 2016 off with a record-breaking January which...

The older I get, the more I realize that just because someone has an important job or leadership role doesn't necessarily mean that they do it responsibly, or are even good at it. Integrity and proficiency are not a given. Really exceptional leaders “walk the talk” and let their...


Creative Mornings Talk!

By Michelle Poler, Posted February 1st 2016

On December 18th, exactly 2 months after I spoke at TEDx, I had the opportunity to speak at Creative Mornings in NYC in their last event of the year: Audience Takes the Stage.

I received an email from CM, asking the community members to send a video describing how would they tackle...


Linda Evans | Recipes for Life

By Linda Evans, Posted January 28th 2016

Golden Globe-winning actress Linda Evans has spent more than five decades on the tv in roles that include The Big Valley, Dynasty and her victory on Hell's Kitchen. She quickly became one of the most celebrated female stars of the 1980s, winning five Peoples' Choice Awards between 1982 and 1986...


Congratulations to global consultant and award-winning speaker and author Peter Sheahan on the high praise his latest work Matter has received from Forbes just one week after its debut! Peter is a powerhouse of genuine energy and enthusiasm for helping others succeed. He is a National...


  • I expect protein prices to fall by about 50% over the next year or two

  •  The corn ethanol mandate, the God particle of the food economy, is in jeopardy

  • Corn prices collapsed immediately after changes to the ethanol mandate in Sept. 2013

  • After hitting all-time highs, pork has been cut in...


No Pants Subway Ride

By Michelle Poler, Posted January 17th 2016

On Sunday January 10th I was lucky enough to be part of the No Pants Subway Ride (NPSR) event in New York City. Charlie Todd, the founder of Improv Everywhere, started this crazy tradition 15 years ago when he decided to see how New Yorkers would react if out-of-the-blue he would start to...


WASHINGTON — At the beginning of the year, we often talk about the new things we want to see happen in our lives.

When it comes to your finances, you might promise to save more or spend less. You may now have a plan to reduce your debt.

But what causes so many people to fail at their...


7 examples of Attitude-E in TED

By Felipe Gomez, Posted January 12th 2016

Since TED Talks were first published in 2006, I have been a passionate follower and often access the web page to look for TED Talks which attract my attention. Many have impacted me, others have inspired me and some have left me perplexed by their originality and reach. I would like to share 7...