A speaker walks into our office...and gifts us with a signed guitar. Yep, you read that right. We had the fantastic opportunity to spend part of our afternoon with entrepreneur, Hall of Fame speaker, world-glass guitarist and two-time TED presenter, Mike Rayburn. One of the greatest aspects of...


Through two brief moments of silence, Michael Reagan, son of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his first wife Jane Wyman, powerfully expressed both the need to be forgiven and to forgive as he opened his heart to Liberty University students in Convocation on Wednesday.

After sharing...


To succeed in life and careers, students need to be able to confidently communicate with people face-to-face. 

You’re standing at your classroom door in the morning as students enter. One by one they pass you, many looking down or distracted, some texting, and others giving a simple...


The Big Miss

By Sharyl Attkisson, Posted November 18th 2016

First came the shock. Then came the awe. With half the campaign money of Hillary Clinton, President-elect Donald Trump defied Democrats, his own party, the media-- and nearly every prediction.

We're calling it "The Big Miss."

If the media mis-read America.. there's a reason for the disconnect.



Kindness Has No Color

By Simon T. Bailey, Posted November 16th 2016


Have you ever met someone who is a loner? They are, at best, a socialized introvert and prefer being alone than around people. Well, that describes a part of me. I enjoy being with people yet very much cherish my alone time.

Recently a dear friend of mine, Jan, who is like a sister, decided to...


Leadership can happen from any position.  We know this.  But what is the impact when we focus on viewing leadership this way and ensuring that every member of the school community has ownership on the direction moving forward?

This is why this question is crucial; how do we...



The world is full of gifted educators and we get the opportunity to work with many of them. Spouses, family members, and coworkers see the result of their passion at work first-hand. Schools and communities are changed for the better because of their dedication. We witness the...


Darkness descends upon the room, signaling my arrival. Behind the curtain, I can feel my breath, waiting for permission to exhale. My knees quiver with apprehension as whispers drone from the crowd outside. From my spot behind the platform, I notice the flares from cameras and spotlights, like...


Humiliation. Failure. Inadequacy. All incredibly difficult emotions to recover from as an entrepreneur. 

In this one hour interview, walk with us as we discuss not only Jason’s outlook on family and entrepreneurship, but later in our interview, we dive deep into how Jason was...


We are post US election and there is a new American President, Donald Trump - as of this writing there are millions of people overjoyed at his election and there are millions that are saddened and afraid.

This post is for those having a hard time accepting their new leader.

The entire election has...