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Rodger Bingham Rodger Bingham

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Your presentation was interesting and certainly a terrific way to begin the school year. They were fascinated by the Survivor story and also inspired by your comments about previous jobs you've held.
Adolph Haislar - Sr. Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services, Miami University
Your expertise, inspiration and enthusiasm was very contagious and left quite an impression on us and our students. Your view on life and handling all of it's challenges was very inspiring.
Health/Physical Education-Wellness Department - Lafayette High School; Lexington, Kentucky
Thank you so much for serving as a Keynote Speaker for our Recognition Event. . . . You made each and every winner feel special. Your kind words about the Literacy Network reinforced to all those in attendance how important the work is that we do . . .
Stephanie Graves - The Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati