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Rod Beckstrom is a well-known cybersecurity authority, Internet leader and expert on organizational leadership. He is the former President and CEO of ICANN, founding Director of the U.S. Government's National Cybersecurity Center in the Department of Homeland Security and co-author of the critically acclaimed book, The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless ... VIEW MORE

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International Legal Technology Association Presentation
Cyber Security
Speech Topics
  • Quantifying the Risk of Loss From Cyber Attacks

    As cyber attacks and their severity increase, organizations need a way to quantify and manage their exposure. ... View More

  • A Short Course in Cyber Security

    Rod speaks to attendees at the Digital Life Conference on the topic of Cyber Security. Please click here to access ... View More

  • Preparing for Cyber Armageddon

    What are the Threats and How Can Your Company Protect Itself? Cyber security is no longer a niche technical issue; it ... View More

  • Starfish and Spiders, Conservatives and Terrorists

    How Leaderless Organizations Are Changing the World What do the Tea Party, the Occupy movement and Al Qaida have in ... View More

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There's little question that top management at leading business and government organizations now understand the need to invest ...

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Rod Beckstrom travels from Palo Alto, CA and requires $2,000 travel buyout includes RT airfare from San Francisco, ground transportation, and meal. Client is responsible for hotel stay.

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