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Robert Kriegel

Robert Kriegel, Innovation, Creativity & Innovation NSB, change, Creativity & Innovation, motivational, sales Robert Kriegel, Innovation, Creativity & Innovation NSB, change, Creativity & Innovation, motivational, sales
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Robert Kriegel: Reinventing the Game through Creative Change
Robert Kriegel: Fear: The Mind Killer
Robert Kriegel: Dont Satisfy the Customer, Suprise Them

Robert Kriegel

New York Times Best-Selling Author on Change, Innovation, Leadership, and Peak Performance

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San Francisco, California, United States
About Robert Kriegel

U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT called DR. BOB KRIEGEL one of this country's leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. A New York Times best selling author, Kriegel was a commentator on National Public Radio's Marketplace program, has done two specials for PBS and has been a guest on shows such as Oprah and "The Big Idea" Donny Deutsch.

Bob was an all American swimmer, a pioneer in the field of sports psychology who has coached both Olympic and professional athletes and was a ...

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Developing a Change-Ready Mind Set

  • Creating change not just responding to it
  • Becoming proactive not reactive, leading not following
  • Playing to win rather than not to lose
  • Increasing motivation and excitement about change

It if Ain't Broke...Break It

  • Riding the wave of change without wiping out
  • Flipping rules, looking outside & thinking like a beginner
  • Bold, innovative 'out of the box' thinking strategies for:
  • Keeping ahead of change
  • Solving old ...

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers

  • Eliminating outdated thinking and practices
  • How to:
  • Round up Sacred Cows that cost money and prevent change and innovation
  • Have a Sacred Cow hunt
  • Streamline processes and operations
  • Control email ...

Latest Book

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers by Robert Kriegel
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Excellent performance at our management meeting. Your content was right on target for the changing business environment in which we operate.

James A. Unruh, Chairman and CEO - UNISYS

I couldn't be more pleased. Your very lively presentation really connected with the audience. You covered many themes that were very relevant to what our professional sales reps encounter every day.

Vice President - Merck

Thank you for the fantastic talk you gave to our worldwide sales management group. Your content, and presentation style was very effective for a global audience.

Vice President Sales - Autodesk
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