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Building a high performance Marketing Organization
how to build and embed a world class, sustainable marketing capability discipline in your organization
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Building Global Brands
Drawing on the successes of Procter and Gamble, Diageo and others – how to build successful global brands, taking into account both the “what” and “how” of successful brands and organizations.
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The CMO of the Future
In the face of unprecedented change and challenges what do today’s CMO’s need to do to successfully lead their marketing performance and development of their marketing organizations.
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Resource Allocation and Marketing ROI
Given all the choices about how to spend marketing dollars and the pressure on delivering ROI, how does the marketer develop a framework that increases the odds that they are spending their money on the highest value activities.
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Insights that Transform
How do marketers develop insights that lead to transformational results for their businesses. Most companies are placing emphasis and resources on “insights” but few have mastered the process of routinely finding the “most penetrating discovery of consumer motivation that ignites growth”.
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