Riva L. Rahl MD

Riva L. Rahl MD


Dr. Riva Rahl is the Medical Director of the Cooper Wellness Program at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas. She is also a staff physician at the Cooper Clinic and is double-boarded in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Rahl speaks to groups on many health-related topics, including preventive medicine, cardiovascular risk reduction, women's health, wellness, lifestyle ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • ABC's of Health

    An overview of the most important aspects of health facing Americans today. This talk offers a personalized look at the ... View More

  • ABC's of Women's Health

    A comprehensive look at the most important health issues women face. Topics ranging from cancer and heart disease to ... View More

  • Prescription for Health

    Instead of a magic pill, there are a handful of lifestyle choices which can help provide optimal health. Improving ... View More

  • Executive Health for the Executive

    Proper diet, exercise and stress management are often overlooked as dispensable activities for busy executives. These are ... View More

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  • Dr. Rahl spoke . . . on diet, exercise and healthy living. Her talk was engaging, informative, timely, well prepared and well received by our club.
  • Ley Waggoner - Rotary Club of Park Cities
  • Her medical knowledge inspires immediate confidence, and her relaxed style is very engaging. . . . Rahl is a super star in the Cooper constellation and a fine speaker who can motivate any audience.
  • Connie Tyne, Executive Director - Cooper Aerobics Center
  • Dr. Rahl is an excellent speaker who knows how to motivate women to begin making fitness an integral part of their lives. She is also a role model, as she balances work, two young children, and running marathons.
  • Cara Fast, M.D. - Baylor, University Medical Center at Dallas
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