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Rick Stevenson

The Man Who Has Facilitated, Conducted And Captured More Filmed Interviews With Kids And Teens Than Perhaps Anyone In History.

About Rick Stevenson

Dr. Rick Stevenson has filmed and personally conducted over 5600 intimate interviews with kids and teens from across six continents. He knows what goes on in the minds of young people. He pioneered Personal Story Mentoring for kids--a practice dedicated to building Emotional Intelligence, character and resilience in children--helping them discover themselves before they lose themselves in adolescence. Realizing that, as adults, we subconsciously drift into selective amnesia when it comes to ...

Rick Stevenson is everything you want from a speaker and more; he has an inspirational, lived story, a hugely authentic style that provokes, entertains and most importantly, changes thinking. I could listen to Rick all day, he is a special man with an extraordinary mission.

Dr Richard Gerver - Speaker, Author and Educator

A successful life all comes down to listening to people. Rick's talk, sharing lessons he's learned from more than 5,000 interviews, was both captivating and insightful. The takeaways can improve corporate cultures, friendships and families.

Steve Case, Chairman - Revolution

Thank you for sharing the message of story so beautifully within your own story and in the stories of some of the young people whose lives have been touched by you and your work. Feedback has been sensational for your talk and for our three part film...

Dr. Helen Street - Positive Schools

Rick's inspiring presentation was the highlight of a three-day conference. We laughed, we cried and left the talk hungry for more. He brings a refreshing new approach to the power of storytelling to improve emotional intelligence.

Lisa DeCarlo, CEO and Founder - Just Go LLC

Rick's talk was full of thoughts I had never had before but, nonetheless, resonated with inspiration and truth. As Founder of Communities in Schools, I am anxious to see if his StoryQ Method can help provide the gift of emotional intelligence to our kids and adult mentors across the USA.

Bill Milliken, Founder - Communities in Schools
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