Richard Whiteley NSB

Richard Whiteley

  • Business Consultant
  • Featured Expert on TV and Radio
  • Author of "The Customer Driven Company"

First and foremost Richard considers the audience members to be his primary customers and tailors each presentation to create high impact, take-home value for every participant. His work with over 300 different companies in twenty-six countries and presentations to over 350,000 business people, his access to continuing topical research, and his personal experience in building his ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • How to Create Customer Loyalty by Creating a Customer-Centered Organization

    The staggering array of options aggressive competitors put in front of today's customers has caused a shift in ... View More

  • How to Create the Branded Customer Experience

    A strong brand means competitive advantage and increased profitability. Today's successful companies go beyond the ... View More

  • Love the Work You're With: How to Find the Job You Always Wanted Without Leaving the One You Have

    In today’s challenging and chaotic times all too often employees have become confused and dispirited. Based on ... View More

  • High Impact Leadership: Best Practices for Leading In Times of Rapid Change

    Now, more than ever, in today’s fast changing times, there is a call for effective leadership. The problem is that ... View More

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