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Stranger in the Woods

By Michael Finkel, Posted April 10th 2017

A conversation with Michael Finkelauthor of THE STRANGER IN THE WOODS

Q: How did you verify the hermit’s story? What kinds of fact-checking did you do to confirm the details in the book?
It was vitally important to me, on a personal and professional level, to tell the story of...

Run Your Race

“Purpose is what gives life a meaning” – Charles Henry Parkhurst

I had more response and interaction from last week’s blog than any I’ve ever written.  THANK YOU.   I really appreciated hearing from so many of you.  ...

 “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible.” Aristotle


As I mentioned last week, doubt is being unsure and fear is being afraid. Both get you stuck, stop your momentum and keep you from moving forward and living your best...

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By Adam Welcome, Posted March 20th 2017


Adam Welcome on episode 36 of The 10-Minute Teacher

Today Adam Welcome @awelcome inspires us to treat kids in positive ways. As co-author of Kids Deserve It, Adam gives us all a task to do at school today. He also shares the shocking mistake he...

I keep reading (and hearing) authors use the pronoun “that” when they should be using the pronoun “who,” so I thought I’d do a refresher post on the difference between the two.

WHO refers to people:

  • I am the one who is writing this blog post.
  • You...


“Our effort is the difference between winning and losing,
between settling for what we have and achieving what we want.” 
Terry Gurno

I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago.  I was sharing with her my big aha that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my...

Ever felt like you are doing everything you should be doing, but it’s still not working?

That might be what you feel right now. It’s something you’ve definitely felt before.

All those online training courses you purchased from the internet guru who promised that you...

Later this week at a resort hotel in Huntington Beach, California, a group of managers from a $2 billion program and construction management company will host a Shark Tank contest to conclude their two day conference. The winning team will receive funding to move forward with their...

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You CAN write a book!

By Maria Murnane, Posted March 13th 2017

This morning I received an email that made me smile…or maybe even grin. It was from an aspiring author named Becca. In particular, I loved this part of her message:

“Reading through your blog has been very educational and exciting for me. I love all your knowledge, advice, and mostly...

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that the world of work is changing. According to an important new study from McKinsey Global Institute, almost half the jobs people currently perform have the potential to be automated by currently existing technology. It sort of makes you wonder:...