The message finally stuck, when given the opportunity to be around someone who can impact your life, make the investment in your uncertainty!

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'Starbucks' Your Classroom

By Kim Strobel, Posted December 18th 2018

Why You Should Take a Fresh Look at Your Learning Space

Every teacher strives to create a welcoming space for their students. A classroom environment that is not only conducive to learning, but one that invites communication, collaboration, and creativity.

This goal of an educational oasis has...

Many leaders neglect true coaching and empowering. Often, leaders say they are giving employees their own freedom to learn in their own way. But without proper coaching, teaching, and understanding, employees often take up valuable time before making a healthy contribution to their employer.


IN STUDIO – Webcast #20 Having It All: Unwrapping what really matters this holiday season. REMINDER: January’s Live Inspired IN STUDIO Webcast has moved to Monday 1/7 at 10:30 AM CST and a bonus live webcast on Monday, 1/28 to kick off the new year! If you are unable to attend live, you can...

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One Chance

By Dan Thurmon, Posted December 17th 2018

As 2018 comes to a close and you anticipate what’s to come, are you fully aware of the “one chance” that is right in front of you? Don’t miss the magic in pursuit of “more,” because you can have BOTH! This short video will shift your perspective and help you capture more meaning in the moments of...

A couple years after my first novel was released, I noticed a title on Amazon with the same name. I read that book’s description and realized it was also in the same vein as mine, which had been featured on the front page of the Life section of USA Today and also (briefly!) reached No. 2 overall...

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Second Chances

By John O'Leary, Posted December 17th 2018

Erin and Ben Napier, second Chance

Photo Credit: Brooke Davis

Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier Remind Us We Can All Be Made Good Again

"If you are still breathing, you have a second chance." -Oprah Winfrey

While speaking earlier this month to the employees of Clayton Homes in Tennessee, we celebrated some of their big numbers...

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The Tyranny of Good Enough

By Josh Linkner, Posted December 16th 2018

Your chicken salad sandwich wasn't bad, really. It was 'good enough.' The service wasn't speedy, but also wasn't horribly slow. It was just good enough. The environment was a bit messy and a tad dirty, but didn’t justify a call to the Health Department. "I guess it was good enough," you mutter as...

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Overcoming Social Media Fears

By Thomas C. Murray, Posted December 14th 2018

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Amy Fast at one of our Future Ready Institutes. Amy is an awesome High School Assistant Principal from Oregon and is the type of school leader that leverages social media in her daily work; to both share the incredible things that happen in her...

Everyone will have a "personal plane crash" in their life. There are many references of how if you change the approach and go after it in a different way, your way, you will not only survive but thrive and grow out of your adversity.