Ray Bender

Ray Bender

  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Gartner Group's North American IT Program
  • Author

Ray Bender is a speaker, consultant, and author with over 16 years experience advising Chief Information Officers and other Senior Executives on the management aspects of Information Technology. In this area he specializes in creating both internal and external alliances to support the technology requirements of the organization. Dr. Bender was a Vice President and Research Director ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Video: Ray Bender 2013
Speech Topics
  • Creating an Innovative Culture

    Is innovation is the new holy grail? It is difficult to find a technology or business publication without at least one ... View More

  • Creating Corporate Culture

  • Leadership and Communications

  • The Human Aspects of Change

Non Profit $5,000.00
Keynote $6,500.00
Full Day $8,000.00
Half Day $8,000.00
Ray Bender travels from Austin, Texas and requires Coach class for 1

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