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Rani Hong

Rani Hong Rani Hong
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Rani Hong

Survivor of child trafficking & UN.GIFT Special Advisor

About Rani Hong

Rani Hong is a survivor of child trafficking and co-founder of the Tronie Foundation, an organization that is causing a global shift in consciousness and behavior by exposing the human cost of slavery. The Foundation's primary goal is to mentor survivors of slavery, both to become leaders and to work Mrs. Hong together with global leaders in the movement to end human trafficking.

In 2010 alone, Rani spoke on behalf of survivors to many prominent leaders in politics, business and philanthropy, ...

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Human Trafficking Survivor Shares Her Story

Written by Stephen Yafa Rani Hong's childhood ended at age seven. That was the last time she saw her mother and father, the last time she would have any contact with family for the next 21 years. Raised in a village with ...