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Polly LaBarre

  • Co-Author of Mavericks at Work
  • Founding Writer of Fast Company Magazine
  • Co-Founder/Editorial Director of MIX

For more than 20 years, LaBarre has used her writing, business consulting, and speaking to help organizations unleash and organize human potential in ever more powerful ways.

Polly is a co-founder of the Management Lab, a "think-and-do" tank dedicated to rebooting management for the 21st century. Along with her partners at MLab (pronounced "M-Lab"), Polly has developed a pioneering ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Skip The Change Initiative #1
Pixar's culture of innovation
Innovate Like an insurgent
You're Not a Leader Because You Have a Title
Create An Environment That Inspires
Lego Opens Up To Innovate
Speech Topics

    How to disrupt like an insurgent When the world stands still, size, strength, and stability offer an advantage. But ... View More


    The end of leadership as we know it The era of the heroic, all-knowing, all-powerful leader is over. Leadership is no ... View More


    Creating a culture of every day, everywhere experimentation Catching the future depends less on planning for what ... View More


    Unleashing the most powerful force in business For every leader unsettled by rampant disruption, unbounded ... View More

Text Reviews
  • “I would like to tell you that the Planetree audience loved your presentation! Great job! I heard comments that you were the best keynote we have ever had by far! Thank you again for the presentation and also meeting with our staff afterwards. It was sensational!”
  • Chief Creative Officer - Planetree
  • Thanks so much, Polly was a HUGE hit. We couldn't have asked for a better suited speaker. So much so that a lot of our attendees are asking for the video footage of the day so they can re-watch it.
  • Director of Marketing - Vision Critical
  • Thanks so much for coming to Santa Barbara for our NBC retreat. You were both energetic and inspiring – and, trust me, I would have been thrilled to have one or the other! You gave us a lot to think about and you set the perfect tone for a lot of the issues that are facing us right at this moment.
  • Chairman - NBC Entertainment

Polly's Blog

Lego Opens Up To Innovate
Polly LaBarre is in the business of challenging corporations and small business alike to think big. It goes beyond just being...

Exploring The Future Of Work At The...
There's probably no tougher-and no more important-question on the plates of leaders today than: are you capable of changing a...

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