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With 28 years experience of speaking and consulting assignments in 50 countries Philip Merry has a global reputation as a leading expert in helping global leaders build high performing multi-cultural teams. He is in regular demand by some of the world's leading organisations both in the private and public sector. Living in Asia for 22 years Philip's ability to understand global issues is something he lives as well as talks about - clients comment on his unique ability to connect and build rapport with a multi-cultural audience.

Philip has worked as a team, leadership & cross cultural consultant with many organisations - Citigroup, Nokia, HP, BASF, GE, GM, Singapore Technologies, Petronas, Applied Materials, Cisco, Ciba, Dow Chemicals, ABNAmro, International Consortium for Executive Development, Bovis Lend Lease, JP MorganChase, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, BOC, Pan Asia Paper, British Telecom, AkzoNobel, Abbott Laboratories, Shell, Isuzu, Pepsi Cola, Cable and Wireless, BHP Billiton, Delphi Automotive, Shell Chemicals, Singapore Inst. of Management, Singapore Enterprise Promotion Centre, Singapore Central Provident Fund, Singapore International Foundation, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Technologies, Singapore Telecom. Philip has worked with a range of educational establishments. He is Visiting Fellow at Bristol University - UK, and has taught culture, team and leadership modules at the East West Centre - University of Hawaii, Leicester University MBA, Nanyang Technological University - Singapore, National University of Singapore, Melbourne Institute of Technology MBA, Bristol University MBA, UN Staff College, Un Maldives Country Team, Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research, Centre for International Forestry Research - Indonesia, Centre for Maize research - Mexico, Centre for Potato research - Peru, Centre for Tropical Agriculture - Colombia, World Agroforestry Centre - Kenya, Global Food and Water Challenge Programme - International Water Management Institute - Sri Lanka, World Fish Centre - Malaysia, UN Staff College, UNHCR, Sri Lanka Education Ministry, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore Ministry of Manpower, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore.

Philip is Founder and CEO of Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte Ltd., which specialises in helping global organisations deal with developing teams, cross-cultural partnership and leadership. Philip's company is the only consulting firm in the world to combine the work of culture and team gurus Charles Hampden-Turner, Fons Trompenaars and Meredith Belbin. Philip is a certified in culture, team and brain dominance profiling. Philip has worked in a variety of business settings in the last 34 years, - Organisational Development Manager with Reuters Asia, Management Development Manager with Reuters Asia, Assistant Director of Management Studies at Roffey Park Management Centre UK, Leadership Training Manager with the Sri Lankan Govt, Field Director with the British Volunteer Programme in the Maldives, and Training Manager with local government in London. He was also at one time a London taxi driver! Philip has extensive experience in professional counseling and group dynamics - his original training was as a family therapist in London where he practiced for 8 years He holds a degree from Manchester University and 3 postgraduate qualifications in Counseling, Social Science and Self-Managed Learning. Philip is English and was born in 1949.