The America-haters

Phil Valentine

Phil Valentine

Award Winning Radio Talk Show Host
Trump Derangement Syndrome is now epidemic. We all remember when it started. It started the day Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower. It grew as his popularity did, hitting a fever pitch on Election Night 2016. Most people thought it would subside once the election was over. I knew better.

TDS grows with every success of President Trump. Record low black unemployment? TDS hits another gear. Record low Hispanic unemployment? Yet another new high for TDS. Hug a flag at the CPAC event? They go apoplectic. 

Nick Gillespie at is a libertarian who is no fan of Donald Trump. He watched the CPAC speech and noted, "Trump just might have have won the 2020 election today." He said, "There is simply no potential candidate in the Democratic Party who wouldn't be absolutely blown off the stage by him." This is why the libs and Never-Trumpers are going nuts.

Colin Jost, on the Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live, ran a clip of the president hugging the flag and asked, "What the hell was that?" What that was, Colin, was a display of undying love for this country. That's something that's foreign to a lot of liberals. 

I posted the SNL story to Facebook with the following commentary: "SNL befuddled by Trump hugging the American flag. This, my friends, is emblematic of the problem. Too many on the left hate this country. In fact, ALL of the America-haters are on the left."

That drew fire from a surprising place. I got slammed by a former co-worker whom I've only seen once in the last 20 years, but with whom I used to be quite close. He accused me of being divisive and dangerous and destructive and wanting just to sell a few books. He accused me of saying everybody on the right loves the country and everybody on the left hates it. That's not what I said at all. I fully acknowledge that most of the people on the left probably love this country. My point was that every single America-hater is on the left. That point is not in dispute.

After some back-and-forth trying to clarify my point to no avail, he offered up this challenge. "Make that list of liberals who actually hate America." To do so would take up pages of valuable newspaper real estate, so I'll offer up a partial list.

Let's start with a Gallup poll from last year that showed only 32 percent of Democrats are proud to be an American. I could stop there, but why when there's so much evidence of liberal hatred of America. Louis Farrakhan said, "A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgement of God has been rendered and she must be destroyed." No ambiguity there. And don't try to distance yourselves from Farrakhan, you liberals. It's too late. Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Keith Ellison, and countless others on the left have cozied up to Farrakhan. There is no excuse like, "Oh, but that was before I knew what Farrakhan was all about." Farrakhan has always been a racist. He's always been a black separatist. He's always been an America hater.

Some lefties were late to the party when it comes to loving the country. It wasn't until 2008 when Michelle Obama was 44 years old that she uttered these words: "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country."

Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but one thing you have to give him. He loves America.

Phil Valentine is the host of the award-winning talk radio show, 
The Phil Valentine Show. He's also the co-host of The PodGOATs podcast.

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