Peter Ricchiuti NSB

Peter Ricchiuti

  • Tulane University Business School Professor
  • Founded BURKENROAD REPORTS Research Program
  • CNN, CNBC, NYT & Barron's Contributor

Business Professor, Raconteur, and One Great Public Speaker

Peter Ricchiuti (Ri-Chooty) is the business professor you wish you had
back in college. His humor and insight have twice made him the top
professor at Tulane University's Freeman School of Business. In a recent
competition, Peter's teaching delivery skills placed atop a field of 500
universities ... VIEW MORE

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Excellent Song and Performance
Peter Ricchiuti : U.S. Economy
Speech Topics
  • The Four Most Dangerous Words In Finance “THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT!”

    The truth is that, despite the media hysteria, the financial markets and the economy follow historical patterns. ... View More

  • Do These Earnings Make My PE Look Big???

    How high is too high? The truth is that no investment is either good or bad. It is all a function of the price that ... View More

  • MARKET SIGNALS; What The Financial Markets Are Telling Us Now???

    The economy is inherently cyclical. While these cycles don’t necessarily repeat themselves, they usually rhyme. ... View More

  • How Uncertainty Brings Opportunity

    Following the herd has rarely produced superior investment results. Current volatility gives advisors an ... View More

Text Reviews
  • You are certainly the highlight of each conference! You have become a tradition with us and we would be honored if you can join us again next year.
  • Investment Performance Services, Hilton Head
  • Peter is a very funny guy and he's smarter than a tree full of owls!
  • Core-Net
  • Most entertaining speaker I have ever experienced.
  • Information Management Network

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Wharton QS Awards: Top Honors for...
Wharton QS Stars Awards has awarded speaker Peter Ricchiuti 'best teaching delivery' for his stock research program "Burkenroad...

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