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Peter has the uncanny ability to get you and your organization to think outside the box.... Even when we weren't talking business, Peter's sharing of his knowledge with me was without a doubt a critical part of my business management education.
Anthony Sarandes - Equiflor, Florida
Peter Schutz was a captivating speaker, and threw in a joke or two in a timely manner. His speech was captivating because he was the guy who did it, who turned around Porsche. What he said about growth and change was very relevant to our industry today.
Curt Brouwer - Director of Litigation & Recovery; Collect America
The tally of member evaluation of the spring meeting is almost a record breaker. In the 15 years we have worked for this organization, I think only one other speaker had a perfect score!
H. Buzzerd, Jr. - Association and Society Management
I attended a conference where Mr. Schutz spoke. He was the speaker that most affected my thinking. Following this conference, we developed a new strategy in our company, incorporating many of the philosophies of Mr. Schutz that we still follow today.
Tom Fredricks - ECL Group of Companies, Calgary, Canada