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Since 9/11, Army Major Pete Hegseth--an infantry soldier, Ivy League scholar, veterans advocate, author, and media commentator--has had a front row seat to a decade's worth of warfare, politics, and high-stakes debates; forging an informed, passionate, and unique perspective on the future of America. A decorated war-fighter, Princeton/Harvard graduate, veterans leader, ... VIEW MORE

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AMVETS National Convention
Pete Hegseth Of Fox News Addresses MN GOP Convention
Town Hall with Marco Rubio
CVA Preview
The Conservative Forum All changes saved.
Town Hall with Ted Cruz
Speech Topics
  • The 9/11 Generation: America's Future

    America faces unprecedented challenges—at home and abroad—that will require principled, yet pragmatic, leadership. ... View More

  • America: The Lynchpin of the Free World

    A linchpin is a small metal pin that, seen or unseen, keeps a wheel on its axis; geopolitically, America is the free ... View More

  • Honoring our Heroes (Veterans, Military and/or Memorial Event)

    This speech can be tailored to any event or occasion that includes a veterans, military, or memorial aspect.

  • "Boots on the Ground" Leadership

    Leadership is best forged in tough, complex, and contentious environments. Leaders are often blessed with certain ... View More

Text Reviews
  • ... Peter continues to make the case for policies that advance a stronger, freer, and more prosperous America. I'm always interested and eager to hear what Pete has to say. And so are many others who recognize Pete as a talented and rising young leader.
  • Bill Kristol, Editor - The Weekly Standard
  • . . . his ability to articulate the strategic and tactical stakes on the warfront and the homefront set him apart from his peers. . . . Pete Hegseth is a soldier's soldier, who this soldier recommends highly.
  • General Jack Keane (ret.) - U.S. Army
  • His mastery of the topics & his ability to deliver instruction to both Afghans and coalition partners was extraordinary. . . . Pete's abilities carried the day & had a huge impact on thousands of people trying to rebuild the government of Afghanistan.
  • USMC Major Michael Murray, Chief of Training - Counterinsurgency Training Center - Afghanistan

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