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Paul Vitale

Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, Trainer and Author

About Paul Vitale

Paul Vitale has become one of America's most sought-out speakers and trainers while using his unique combination of passion, energy and experience to encourage and motivate others. The founder of Vital Communications, Inc., Paul is a native of Arkansas and received his degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Central Arkansas.

For more than fifteen years, Paul has impacted individuals and organizations, imparting an understanding of the leadership and passion required to ...

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Sell With Confidence--Unlock Your Potential

If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again. Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept. In “Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential” Paul will ...

Legendary Leadership in Action

Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead—courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others. In the presentation “Legendary Leadership in Action” Paul ...

Enthusiasm—Your Secret Weapon

This dynamic presentation reinforces the importance of genuine enthusiasm for everyday life. Paul illustrates what an optimistic state of mind can and will do for one’s work ethic while providing concrete ...

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Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life by Paul Vitale
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Wow! Thank you for your great presentation. Your message had just the right blend of humor, knowledge and most of all, enthusiasm. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!

David Embry - Tyson Foods, Inc.

Your inspiring leadership and change presentation was the highest ranked and most favorably received portion of our program. I’m still getting great feedback about you on a nearly daily basis!

Lauren Mountain - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Your enthusiastic message and your connection with the students complimented the Foundation's mission perfectly. The feedback received from all who were involved in this partnership was resoundingly positive.

Alexander Hahn, Director - Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation

It was indeed our honor to have you as a speaker . . . and address the topics of teamwork and motivation. Your message, that each of us is important and we all partake in the success of the business, is enlightening.

Ian Ng, Finance Director - Dole Asia

We were blown away by what a great speaker you are! Your message tied in perfectly to what our organization is all about. Thanks for making a trip to the Twin Cities.

Brad Madson, Executive Director - Minnesota Vikings Community Relations/Youth Football

I believe the roaring standing ovation at the completion of your keynote address speaks to how the students received your thoughts. Your enthusiasm, passion and inspiration have led our students to believe they can accomplish anything on campus this year.

Jared Tippets, Assistant Dean of Students - University of Kentucky
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