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Paul Keckley Ph.D.

  • Health care entrepreneur and analyst
  • Author of widely read The Keckley Report
  • Contributor to CNN, Fox, Bloomberg, & C-Span

Paul H. Keckley, Ph.D., Managing Editor, The Keckley Report (, PO Box 150422, Nashville, TN 37215

Dr. Keckley is Managing Editor of The Keckley Report, a weekly blog covering health industry trends and issues, a healthcare futurist and commentator. Paul brings extensive healthcare industry experience having worked in the private sector, academic medicine and as ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Florida Health Care Affordability Summit
Speech Topics
  • Health Reform 2.0: What to Expect in Round Two

    • The intersections of cost containment pressures, competition from new entrants, clinical innovation, politics and ... View More

  • Megatrends impacting the US Health Care Industry

    • Health and Entitlement Reforms (Regulatory) • Clinical Innovations that Disrupt Traditional Modes of Care • ... View More

  • Consumerism in Health Care: Is the Industry Ready?

    • Expenditures • Attitudes and Beliefs • Expectations and Trade-Offs • Opportunities

  • Industry Restructuring: ‘Go Big or Get Out’

    • Physician-Hospital Alignment • Acute-Long-Term Care Integration • Plan-Plan Consolidation • Plan-Hospital Strategic ... View More

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Special Post Election Edition |...
The election results are in and Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. His appeal to "Make America G...

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