Patrick Richie

Patrick Richie

  • Building Teamwork Culture
  • Contributed to Superbowl Champion 49ers Team
  • Teamwork and Leadership Consultant

NO AUTHORITY has the experience of building a teamwork culture as Pat Richie. He has worked with over a hundred organizations developing corporate strategy and high performing teams.

His early success came in professional sports; in fact the San Francisco 49'ers awarded him Super Bowl rings three times in recognition of his contribution to the team's success; after Super Bowls XXIII, XXIV, XXIX (23, 24, 29).

He is the President of SLG Corporate - a teamwork and leadership consulting firm working with leading corporations, universities, and government agencies. His client list includes: ATT, Well Point, General Dynamics, Bank of America, ITT, the University of Notre Dame and even the production company behind the hit children's television show, VeggieTales.

He is the author of two books: Wisdom for BusyLeaders and Wisdom for the Busy SportsLeader. He has been quoted by: The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, the BBC, and GQ Magazine.

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Patrick Richie travels from Houston, TX and requires Coach class for 1

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