Nick Stellino Speech Topics

Stories from Nick Stellino: The entertaining story of a self made man
In this video Chef Nick Stellino delivers a poignant story about a pebble and the Grand Hotel in Rome. The message of this story deals with the importance of keeping the promises we make to ourselves. Our ability to deliver into our personal life the same sense of accomplishment we strive for in...
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Entrepreneurship: Decisions that lead to Success
In this video Chef Nick Stellino delivers a motivational message to the SEARS audience. After touching briefly on the importance of making time for our families while growing a successful business, he also delivers a few impactful insights on how to react to the challenges which have been brought...
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Marketing: Passion for your idea is the key to Success
In this video Chef Nick Stellino addresses all the top sales executives at the national sales meeting of the Campbell’s company, held in Los Angeles California. The focus of the speech is to deliver a new point of view, a new set of strategies and ideas on how to increase distribution and...
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Its all about the Brand: Set yourself up to succeed
A Cooking Experience with Nick Stellino