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Nick Adams

  • Political Columnist for Townhall Finance
  • Founder of FLAG
  • Cancer Survivor

Nick Adams is a three-time best-selling author, commentator and currently serves as a surrogate for the White House.

Born and raised in Australia, Adams is a legal immigrant to America, receiving a rare Extraordinary Ability Green Card.

His book, Green Card Warrior, detailing his journey to America, received special distinction in March 2017, with President Donald Trump declaring it ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Nick Adams: Western Conservative Summit
Nick Adams: Colorado Christian University - C-SPAN Address
Nick Adams: US Patriotism in Texas
Speech Topics
  • How America can Boomerang

    In this inspirational speech, Nick Adams explains why America is still the greatest country in the world, and that while ... View More

  • Chasing Your Dreams With American Values

    Never let anyone stomp on your dreams...Stretch out and slap mediocrity in the face, because as an American, you've been ... View More

  • Killing Political Correctness With The American Idea

    Political correctness is the root of every problem and challenge America faces today. It robs individuals and nations of ... View More

  • Leadership

    A cancer survivor, youngest Deputy Mayor in Australian history, best-selling author before 30 and distinguished ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Nick "is right on target."
  • Dr. Ben Carson
  • Adams' conservative insight is invaluable and irresistible.
  • Ben Shapiro

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