Niall Ferguson
Niall Ferguson
Named One of the World's Leading Historians of the Global Economy

Client Reviews

"Niall Ferguson's keynote speech at our annual conference in Montreux, [in June 2006] on the likelihood of a return to the gold standard, was both entertaining and informative. Delegates gave him the highest rating of all the speakers on their feedback forms."

Stewart Murray, Chief Executive, London Bullion Market Association

"Niall is a historian with a good grasp of economics, and a willingness to challenge head-on, conventional beliefs. He is highly articulate, engages the audience directly, and seems able to speak easily on a wide range of topics. He's one of the most capable and stimulating speakers I've ever seen."

Max Darnell, CIO, First Quadrant

"Niall Ferguson is the best speaker we've hired for our hedge fund events. Not only is he a brilliant speaker with a vast array of financial and historical anecdotes at his finger tips, he's also a down to earth, approachable guy. He will energize the audience with his engaging analysis of geopolitics, history and finance."

Steve Drobny, Drobny Capital

"Niall Ferguson was a great draw to our conference and lived up to all our expectations as a guest speaker. He understood perfectly what we were hoping for and our audience were captivated by his highly intelligent but easy to understand address."

Veronica Coupland, Special Events Manager, GAM

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