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Attention is Our New Currency: Do you Pay Attention to What Matters Most?
Never in history have we been more connected to the world and less connected to each other. Technology has changed everything: the way we work, how we interact, and our ability to pay attention to what truly needs it. Information invades every aspect of our life, coming at us at light speed and challenging how we prioritize our focus. We have...
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Neen James- The Attention Deficit Workplace - The Answer Starts with YOU!
You are a role modelto someone. The expression "tone at the top" is true. The example leaders demonstrate is often believed to be a requirement employees must follow. No matter what's written in policy handbooks or said aloud, the traits leaders demonstrate others will implement as their own. Even though most leaders recognize this to be...
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5 Ways to Create Advocates
Who are your advocates? Advocates could be people inside your organization, or outside your business that advocate for you. These people who can recommend you to others in their network, share resources, products and services with others. Advocates are vital to anyone in corporate or entrepreneurial business. If you want to create and buil...
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Do You Have Grace Under Pressure?
What would you do if you had organized a big industry event and the headline speaker didn't show up? Or maybe you have a high profile project and the deliverables are going to be way behind deadline? I witnessed the best example of grace under pressure recently at anindustry event.It's amazing what examples we have all around us when we pa...
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10 Ways to Create Attentive Meetings
Ever sat in a meeting checking your email? Ever attended a meeting and wondered why you were there? Ever been frustrated by a badly run meeting at your company? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! When did it become OK to be rude in meetings or to be on our devices rather than pay attention? If you want to enga...
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