Naomi Judd, Famous NSB

Naomi Judd

  • Grammy-Winning Recording Artist
  • NYT Bestselling Author
  • Humanitarian and Health Advocate

Naomi Judd is a tour-de-force. She made country music history and charmed Hollywood, but her story is far more than a heartwarming rags-to-riches tale. It is a quintessentially American lesson in perseverance and the life-altering power of positive thinking.

The single mom and registered nurse from small-town Kentucky first captured the hearts of the world performing with her daughter ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Eight Characteristics of a Survivor

    Loss of your job, a health crisis, and failing relationships are just a couple of the common drivers of personal crisis ... View More

  • How to Have a Breakthrough, Not a Breakdown

    Given only 3 years to live when diagnosed with hepatitis C and forced to leave behind her musical career during the ... View More

  • Aging Gratefully

    Inspired by her book, Naomi's Guide to Aging Gratefully, this lecture presents facts, myths, insights and good news for ... View More

  • 30 Ways to Live the Transparent Life

    Based on Naomi's first book, The Transparent Life, she leads the audience through a journey of self-discovery and ... View More

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