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Monica Genta

Educational Consultant, Classroom Teacher, Motivational Speaker

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Mattoon, Illinois
About Monica Genta

Monica is on a mission to passionately and enthusiastically empower educators to excel in their career. She believes whether you are a classroom teacher, education leader, student, or parent, everybody who walks into a school deserves to love their experiences!

Monica is the author of two books, Game Changers and 180 Days of Awesome, a middle school science teacher, and nationwide educational consultant and motivational speaker. She has earned a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction and a ...

Her attitude is infectious and I left in such a great mood and feeling inspired. I immediately put some of her ideas into place in my classroom and my kids loved the things I tried!"

Sheri Adams McCain - Nuts & Bolts Conference

Monica's enthusiasm and energy for teaching is incredibly motivating, genuine, and pumps you up in such a way that after PD led by her you want to go and teach your heart out. Her strategies are truly game changing!

Kelly Fletcher - Golden Apple Scholars Program

Monica Genta is fantastic!! Every workshop I have been too has been engaging. I have been able to take away so many ideas to implement in my classroom.

Kelli Snyder

Monica was a very enthusiastic individual. She brought a plethora of ideas to the education profession. Monica's presentation was modifiable to Early Childhood, even though she taught middle school. I would definitely schedule another conference or presentation by Monica. I highly recommend her to all pre-service teachers and any persons in the education field.

Cinnae Martin

Monica is amazing. She is a middle school science teacher, and I can only imagine how exhausted she must be at the end of the school day. However, you would have no idea. The excitement that you feel while attending one of her professional development seminars is unreal! She has such amazing ideas and is so inspirational! I have attended 3 of her seminars and subscribed to her website. She has taken the time to know who I am, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that! Monica is the type of teacher I strive to be. She has such an amazing rapport with those who she teaches, both students and adults! You will not regret attending! Get ready to laugh and win some awesome prizes, like mustaches or "hard candy!"

Megan Reifsteck

As a preservice teacher, I can't recommend Monica enough. Her talks are enthusiastic, fun, professional, and incredibly inspirational. I have attended 4 of her engagements and still get excited when I hear she will be having another. To anyone who is looking to fall in love with teaching again, or just looking for some crazy new methods to keep kids energized, she is the person you need to hear from. I would recommend her to preservice teachers, universities looking for speakers for their professors, and even superintendents looking for someone to get their teachers excited. She can speak to all levels of teachers and students and continues to be a complete game changer!

Megan McClard
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