Monica Genta

Monica Genta

  • Transforming Education with Passion & Purpose
  • Middle School Classroom Teacher
  • Author of 180 Days of Education

Monica is on a mission to passionately and enthusiastically empower educators to excel in their career. She believes whether you are a classroom teacher, education leader, student, or parent, everybody who walks into a school deserves to love their experiences!

Monica is the author of two books, Game Changers and 180 Days of Awesome, a middle school science teacher, and nationwide ... VIEW MORE

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Turning In Papers Should Be Fun
Top 3 Things from AMLE
New Trend Rolling Through Schools
Talking with a Student From My First Year
Speech Topics
  • Science that will BLOW Your Mind: Strategies Aligned to the NGSS

    Get ready to engage in some super fun, exciting, and mind blowing activities! In the world of common core, it can be ... View More

  • Unleashing Student Strengths: Moving Students from Good to Great!

    This dynamic power pair will focus on how character development leads to huge academic gains in the classroom by using ... View More

  • Game Changers: Innovative Ideas that will Revolutionize your Classroom

    Quack Attacks. Family Feud. The Big Green Computing Machine. What do these seemingly meaningless statements have to do ... View More

  • Game Changers

    Quack Attacks. Family Feud. The Big Green Computing Machine. What do these seemingly meaningless statements have to do ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I had the pleasure of attending Monica Genta's conference on Game Changers last week and it was amazing. Her attitude is so infectious, and I left there in such a great mood and inspired. I immediately put some of her ideas into place in my classroom, and my kids loved the things I tried. I am trying to make every day a game changer in my classroom by implementing something new and exciting. She has inspired me to bring in more humor and laughter into my classroom. Monica is awesome and I can't wait to attend her conference which is next week. I would attend every conference she put on if I could. Every school needs a Monica Genta!!
  • Sheri Adams McCain
  • I have attended two professional development meetings led by Monica Genta. Monica's enthusiasm and energy for teaching is incredibly motivating, genuine, and pumps you up in such a way that after a meeting led by her you just want to go and teach your heart out! Her strategies are truly "game changing" and find ways to make every bit of instruction awesome and engaging. Absolutely cannot wait to attend another one of her professional development meetings!
  • Kelly Fletcher
  • Monica Genta is fantastic!! Every workshop I have been too has been engaging. I have been able to take away so many ideas to implement in my classroom.
  • Kelli Snyder

Monica's Blog

If You Really Knew Me: Thankfulness
I have a huge extended family. It consists of 130 7th graders. We don't sit around a dinning room table and eat turkey together...

5 Ways to Professionally Wear Pants...
Spirit Week. For students this is like the most exciting week of the year! Hat day, crazy sweater day, dress like your ...

Science: It's More Than a Textbook
Science is: boring, hard, worksheets, watchingvideos, vocabulary, my least favorite subject. Hey. My name is Monica ...

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