Molly Carlile

Molly Carlile

  • Helping People Navigate Life, Death and Grief
  • Care Taking Specialist
  • Author

Molly is a published author and presenter and holds a number of senior leadership and management roles in the palliative care sector. Currently Consortium Manager of the North and West Metropolitan Region Palliative Care Consortium, Molly has post graduate qualifications and extensive clinical experience in advanced practice nursing, counselling, education and management. She has a ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Talking to kids about death

    How do we have death discussions with children? What should we be telling children about death? In western societies ... View More

  • Living with Loss

    We all experience significant losses in our lifetimes. Loss of relationships, loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of ... View More

  • Depression can be the end of a career................or the beginning

    "Having worked for most of my career with terminally ill people and their families, I was impatient and dismissive of ... View More

  • When someone you love is dying

    We all think we're immortal, but as we grow older people we love will die. How prepared are we for death? Have we ... View More

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