Michael A. Podolinsky CSP

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP

  • Developing Passionate Leaders
  • Certified Speaking Professional
  • Author of 12 Leadership Books

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP is a master at Leadership Development. He develops the people who develop people, teaching them how and where to focus for success. Working with audiences from 8 to 8,500 people across 6 continents in 32 countries, he impacts over 11 million people, just like yours!

Presenting, facilitating and running ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Montai Magic... The Professional's Secret Weapon!

    (customised for insurance agents... Michael will customise for your business and your people) Discipline #1 The ... View More

  • Get Hungry, Purposeful, Committed and Focused

    In this talk, you will learn HOW to Get Hungry, Purposeful, Committed and Focused as well as WHY they are essential ... View More

  • Proactive Time & Stress Management

    30 minutes to 4 days in length Topics include: • Planning your time profitably to accomplish twice as much every ... View More

  • 50 Sales, Marketing and Motivation Ideas to DOUBLE Your Sales in One Year!

    30 minutes to one full day (shorter than 0ne-Day will have fewer points) Objective: To share in ONE DAY 50 tips, ... View More

Keynote $7,000.00
Non Profit $7,000.00
Local Keynote $7,000.00
Half Day $7,000.00
Full Day $7,000.00
International $7,000.00
Michael A. Podolinsky CSP travels from Singapore, Singapore and requires Business Class. IF your organisation does not allow BC travel, alert me and I will work it into the fee and quote you a flat fee including travel.

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