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Mike Lipkin is Canada's pre-eminent speaker.

Every year he conducts more seminars, workshops, focus groups, sales meetings, and corporate off-sites than any other speaker. In 2007, he spoke to over one hundred thousand people in nineteen countries and delivered 185 programs internationally; almost every working day, excluding public holidays and travel days, he was talking to an ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Live Above The Line – Lipkin's Ten Laws for Sales and Service Preeminence

    Live Above The Line – Lipkin's Ten Laws for Sales and Service Preeminence In today's brutal marketplace, sales and ... View More

  • The Ultimate Skill: How to Create Something from Nothing

    In this fascinating program, Mike Lipkin will show your people how to acquire the Ultimate Skill. This is the skill ... View More

  • Keeper of The Flame: How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change

    I know what you want. It's what I want. It's what we all want. To Thrive. On The Cusp. That's what this book is about: ... View More

  • The Power to Persuade: How To Communicate, Collaborate and Motivate Like a Leader

    The new reality is that everyone is a leader. Everyone has been charged with the responsibility of adding value, ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Your energy and message had a great impact on everyone. You should be very proud of the change you initiate in how people perceive their role and contribution.
  • Cara Banasch, Director Global Sales Washington - Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
  • One of the great pleasures of our work is that it allows us to work w/ people of insight and intelligence; able to tackle the most complex issues & reduce them down to their basic nature w/ unerring precision. Mike Lipkin is such an individual.
  • Don Heathcote, Creative Director - The Wynford Group
  • Mike Lipkin's session was rated as 'very effective' by 86% of our participants. This is the best result we have ever had by an outside speaker.
  • Greg Gulyas, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - IBM Global Services
Local Keynote $12,000.00
Keynote $15,000.00
Mike Lipkin travels from Toronto and requires First class for 1

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