Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler

Born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela to a family of holocaust survivors, Michelle was accustomed to living with fear. It was what kept her safe and comfortable. But when she moved to New York to pursue a Masters in Branding at the School of Visual Arts, Michelle quickly realized that NYC was not for the fearful.

In efforts to re-write her definition of fear Michelle completed a project where she faced one fear a day for 100 days (100 Days Without Fear). She filmed herself on each challenge and posted them daily to her YouTube channel. She faced all kinds of fears, from holding a tarantula and skydiving to posing nude for a drawing class and helping people in need. At around day 40, the project was discovered by the media and it became an instant viral phenomenon. Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Zoey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara and Lil Wayne were sharing her story. In a matter of days Michelle had over 4.5 million views in her YouTube channel. The vulnerability in exposing herself to the world created an emotional connection with her followers that turned into a community of thousands of people changing their approach to life.

Facing her fears took Michelle to TEDx's stage where she completed her 100th challenge and received her first standing ovation. Facing her fears helped her turn a personal project into a global movement. Facing her fears allowed her to quit her job as an Art Director in advertising to go after her dreams.

After witnessing the power in sharing her story, Michelle discovered that inspiring others to go after their fears was her new calling. She is now touring the world speaking at companies, universities and organizations teaching audiences how to tap into their full potential in both their personal lives and their careers.

If it's not at an airport, you can also find Michelle on YouTube where she posts weekly content about dealing with fear in different relevant topics.

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