Michelle Correia Templin

Michelle Correia Templin

  • President of Get Smart Training, Inc.
  • Change Management Expert
  • Author "Five Star Teamwork"

Michelle Correia Templin is a renowned author, speaker, and business consultant. For over twenty years, Michelle has been designing and conducting high-energy training workshops and keynote presentations that motivate and inspire attendees.

Michelle Correia Templin is the author of Selling It Right! Getting Result with Integrity and Five Star Teamwork published by The ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • When the Going Gets Tough… Moving through Adversity

    60-90 minute keynote All of us enjoy the sense of pride that comes during a successful phase of our life. ... View More

  • Welcome Change!

    60-90 minute keynote Changes in the economy, technology, and customer expectations are normal business ... View More

  • Additional Keynote Topics

    All Keynote Presentations are customized to the needs of the specific group. Keynote presentations are ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • Michelle is one of the most knowledgeable, effective, and energetic leaders in the training and development industry. Working with her has been one of my most productive and pleasurable business experiences.
  • Juliane Ross, President - Vivid Edge Productions
  • Michelle closed out our Inside Sales all-hands meeting with a direct and motivational call to action for our entire group. With more than 100 sales representatives in the audience that had spent 6-months enduring several reorganizations, Michelle could have taken the easier route of empathizing with the general feeling of discomfort and uncertainty. Instead, she delivered a key message of change and embracing the opportunities that come with it to win in our very competitive world. Her delivery and real-life experience were much appreciated and very motivational.
  • Gary Schafer - Microsoft, Inc

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