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Michael Rogers

  • Technology pioneer, author and journalist
  • Recent Futurist-In-Residence at NYT
  • Best-selling author

Michael Rogers is a technology pioneer, author and journalist whose consultancy, Practical Futurist, helps businesses worldwide think about the future. In recent years he has worked with companies ranging from FedEx, Boeing and NBC Universal to Prudential, Dow Corning, American Express and Genentech.

He recently completed two years as a futurist-in-residence for The New York Times ... VIEW MORE

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Always Connected
Management Challenges
Speech Topics
  • Management Meets the Future

    Managers are facing multiple new challenges: virtual work forces, flattened corporate structures, a new generation ... View More

  • The State of Trust

    In many ways, modern technology has temporarily eroded trust, as bloggers blow the whistle on corporate cover-ups or ... View More

  • The Digital Lifestyle

    Computers, the Internet and the digitization of all media are changing many aspects of the American lifestyle—from ... View More

  • Telecommunications and Media

    The rise of the Internet and the digitization of all media are having a profound effect on both the telecom and ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Michael was both engaged and engaging . . . His skills as a journalist were well-employed as he summarized the remarks of other presenters, listened-in on tabletop discussions, then quickly prepared meaningful and effective closing remarks.
  • Marla Dorrel - Project Consultant - Triangle J Council of Governments - North Carolina
  • Some futurists are good storytellers with plenty of charisma but no 'wisdom' or experience and others have loads of experience but no charisma. You demonstrated both.
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Michael presents as though he is talking with you, versus at you. He’s someone you would love to be seated next to at any event!
  • General Electric

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