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Michael Reagan

  • NYT Best-selling Author/Syndicated Columnist
  • Son of President Ronald Reagan
  • Regular Fox News Channel Commentator

Michael Reagan is the eldest son of former President Ronald Reagan and one of the most dynamic and sought after public speakers in the public arena today. His commitments to public service and the conservative vision his father championed are second to none, making him the natural heir to the Reagan conservative legacy.

Michael spent nearly two decades as a conservative radio talk ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

In The Name of Ronald Reagan
Reflection on his Father in today's politics MSNBC
Working Together
Michael Reagan: American Principles Project
University Convocation
Wofford College Lecture Series
Speech Topics
  • What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

    How would President Reagan would manage these challenging political times? Michael takes the audience on a journey ... View More

  • Reagan Day Benefit Events

    Michael is honored to represent his father's political legacy at Reagan Day functions. Michael often speaks to ... View More

Audio Reviews
Republican Party of Davidson County
Republican Party of Fort Bend County
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
The Warren Duffy Organization
Text Reviews
  • Michael Reagan gives you insights into his Father's thinking and actions. Outstanding speaker and communicator. Feedback from attendees has been nothing but glorious.
  • Ms. Barbara - Southwest Georgia Republican Women
  • Mike was great! He really connects with the audience and is able to relate to everyone. He delivers a valuable message about getting America on track and back to our roots of hard work and good values.
  • Ms. Paula - Midwest Republican Leadership Conference

Michael's Blog

Michael Reagan | Lessons My Father...
Posted May 11th 2016
Best Selling author and syndicated columnistMichael Reaganrecently made an important appearance on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' for ...

Reagan at Normandy | Interview with...
Posted June 5th 2015
It has been 71 years since the beaches of Normandy were taken by storm during the largest seaborne invasion in history ...

Thank You — To Those Who Saved The...
Posted June 6th 2014
Here in this little French village of Sainte Mere Eglise they remember D-Day.Sainte Mere Eglise, as students of history and Wor...

Those Crazies Happen, No Matter What
Posted June 3rd 2014
You all know who he is. But I'm not going to repeat the name of the 22-year-old crazy person who stabbed or shot six young peo...

Michael Reagan to Speak During...
Posted January 14th 2014
On the 33rd anniversary of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's inauguration, his son, Michael Reagan, will be speaking at an ...

Michael Reagan reflects on the JFK...
Posted November 22nd 2013
One person who vividly remembers the day J.F.K. died, is a man who's father would one day be president himself. Michael Reagan...

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